To Industrias Balmes, quality and respect for the environment have always been key issues in development our activity. Our goal is to continue striving to achieve substantial improvements in the quality of our products and processes which revert directly to our customers.


Following our policy of continuous improvement of the management of our products and processes, and aiming at achieving compliance with the requirements and managing processes to ensure confidence in the products, Industrias Balmes obtained.

Both certifications with the following scope: “Manufacturing of processed precision metal and plastic materials, spare parts, mechanical and electromechanical assemblies for industry, including defense and aerospace industries”

ISO EN 9001 Management System ISO 9001.

International standard ISO 9001 specifies requirements for Quality Management Systems (QMS), generic and applicable to our manufacturing processes regardless of the category of the product/service. They are complementary to the requirements of the product/service that can be specified by customers, by the organisation itself or regulations.


ISO__0001_EN9100Quality Management System in the Aviation Sector

The international standard AS 9100 specifies requirements for quality management systems in the aircraft industry. AS 9100 certification has become the main requirement demanded by our clients in the aeronautical sector. Based on ISO 9000, AS 9100 emphasizes quality, safety and technology at all stages of the supply chain. It applies to all areas, both civilian and military.

At the same time to the above approvals, Industrias Balmes has gone through different approval processes under international certification standards, on processes, machinery and technical-professionals, for demanding customers such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

During all these years, we have received several awards from some of our clients for work performed in the fields of telecommunications, defense and aerospace.

In 1998, as a measure of support and help in the implementation and subsequent approval of the QMS ISO9001, our company developed an ERP system that allows us to control all phases of our processes, ensuring the traceability of all our products.


We are committed to the project at all stages.



The CE mark is a symbol indicating that a product complies with the essential requirements of the Directives applicable to it. It also guarantees that the manufacturer has taken all appropriate measures to ensure compliance with them in each of the products placed on the market.

This a series of requirements and conditions required to be met by a product in order not to endanger the safety of people, pets, property and / or environment. It is not about technical specifications, as defined not any specific design or construction requirements, but merely indicate the desired results.


Protecting IP (International Protection) is a system for classifying the different degrees of protection supported by a drive.

This standard has been developed to assess an alpha – numeric way equipment according to the degree of protection that their container materials provide him against the entry of foreign material. By assigning different numerical characters, the degree of protection of the equipment can be determined quickly and easily.


Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility.

Industrias Balmes is committed to protecting the environment. We comply with legislation, regulations and with our clients requirements.

We value projects and collaborations with companies whose environmental policy is sensitive to the responsibility that companies have to society on this matter.


Industrias Balmes is the result of a capable and committed team. Being aware of the importance of taking care of all our staff, we reviewed our prevention systems regularly, taking the necessary measures to ensure their safety, and compliance with all necessary approvals of the machine park of our company.


INDUSTRIAS BALMES, S.A. is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of:

– Precision made sheet metal parts and plastic materials.
– Loose pieces, mechanical and electromechanical sets for the industry as a whole, including defense and aerospace industries.


We establish our quality policy in this document, basing ourselves in the needs and expectations that the relevant interested parties have from the company.
Our success depends on the fulfilment of the established requirements and on an effective execution of all the procedures undertaken in our company – i.e. as described in the Quality Management System.


The strategic management of INDUSTRIAS BALMES takes into account:

– necessities, expectations and contributions of the interested parties;
– the changes within the organisation’s context; and
– the risks detected which could affect us.


For such reasons we pledge to:

– comply with the requirements of both our clients and those from any other interested bodies, as well as the legal and regulatory specifications
– continuously improve to achieve success
– establish and review quality objectives
– communicate, impart and apply this policy throughout all levels of the company
– equip the company of the necessary resources to meet the results
– review this policy regularly in order to make sure it is always appropriate.



(NOTE: This quality policy has been approved on the review date of the web. If for your interests it is necessary to have access to the most recent review, please contact the quality department of INDUSTRIAS BALMES, S.A. for its verification)