Industrias Balmes is a family business founded in 1922 by the ancestors of the current owners; the fourth generation now works in the company.

Throughout this time, increasingly comprehensive and complex solutions have been offered, adapting to market needs and customer requirements.

Ongoing advice and direct and open collaboration with customers and suppliers in design and product development have enabled continuous improvement in our processes and products in a competitive environment that provides high quality and service.

INDUSTRIAS BALMES has been certified since 1998 under the quality management systems, the international standard ISO 9001, and under the EN9100 quality management international standard for the aerospace industry since January 2004.


Our production process includes all activities necessary to provide our customers with the finished product, meeting all the requirements established by them. Our entire production cycle is supported by the Technical Office and the Quality Department to improve the performance of our production activities. In addition, Our Technical Department works closely with customers by providing advice and solutions for design, manufacturing and cost.

We work for sectors with different complex difficulties on the manufacturing of products. We understand manufacturing as something flexible that needs to adjust to our client’s necessities.


An enthusiastic team with a great desire for improvement, based on commitment, characteristics which, together with its technical profile, are a major key to our company’s success.

A team of technicians, developers, engineers, sales representatives, etc., who are available to provide service, commitment and trust.


The combination of the latest technologies in laser machines, punching, EDM, CNC, hydraulics, etc. enable an efficient and productive environment by increasing complex creations.

1 TRUMPF 6000 (punch + laser), work area 3000 x 1500 x 8 m/m.
1 TRUMPF 5000 punch, work area 2500 x 1250 x 6 m/m.
1 TRUMPF SUNIMAT 400 punch, work area 1000 x 1000 x 4 m/m.
1 TRUMPF V230 folding machine, capacity 3000 mm. x 230 TN.
1 TRUMPF 3066 folding machine, capacity 2000mm x 66 TN
1 MEBUSA folding machine, capacity 2500 mm. x 60 TN. with C.N.
1 MEBUSA folding machine, capacity 2000 mm. x 50 TN. with C.N.
1 MEBUSA folding machine, capacity 1200 mm. x 25 TN.
3 Drill presses, drilling capacity 25 m/m.
1 x 12-headed multiple tapping drill, with spindle pattern, capacity M-6.
1 Master spindle screw-cutting lathe, capacity M-10.
2 Screw-cutting lathes with articulated arms, capacity M-8.
2 Disk saws for profiles (one with automatic feeder).
2 Vibrators drum dimension 2000 x 800 m/m.
2 Vibrators drum dimension 400 x 200 m/m.
1 Mechanical press, capacity 50 TN.
1 Shear, capacity 3000 x 6 m/m.
Small workshop machinery.
1 welding machine GTAW-P, PRAXAIR model TETRIX AC/DC SYNERGIC 351

2 TIG Welding machine GTAW-P (pulsed gas tungsten arc welding)
4 ” ” ” GMAW-P (pulsed gas metal arc welding).
2 Stud welding machines by capacitor discharge
1 Resistance welding machine (triphasic), capacity 3,2 +3,2 aluminium alloys (#)
1 Resistance welding machine (triphasic), capacity 4,5+4,5 aluminium alloys
1 Resistance welding machine (monophasic), capacity 3+3 for steel

(#) For resistance welding according AMS-W-6858D class A and B.

Manufacturing tools and machining parts for metal cutting.

1 EDM by CNC wire, capacity 210 x 160 x 100 m/m.
1 EDM penetration, capacity 200 x 300 x 175 m/m.
1 Surface grinding machine, capacity 450 x 250 m/m.
1 Cylindrical grinder, capacity D=250 x 450 m/m.
1 CNC milling machine, capacity, 1100 x 500 x 300 m/m.
1 Parallel lathe, capacity D= 390 x 1000 m/m.
1 Drill press, drilling capacity 35 m/m.
1 band saw for metals.
1 Hacksaw.

1 Semi-automatic screen printing machine, capacity 800 x 600 m/m.
1 Manual screen printing machine, capacity 400 x 200 m/m.
1 Screen exposure unit.