About us

We are experts in the development and manufacturing of precision metalwork.
We have a highly qualified technical team to develop custom solutions.

About us

Industrias Balmes has 100 years' experience and professional career. Our current status has been reached thanks to continuous innovation and reinvention.

We have the knowledge and means necessary for increasingly complex solutions, and we can adapt to market and client needs.

Continuous advice, as well as direct and open collaboration with both our clients and suppliers in product design and development have made it possible to continuously improve our processes and products within a competence, quality and service framework.

Value Proposal

  • Comprehensive solution


    Comprehensive solution

    We deliver a turnkey project because we work hand in hand with our clients, contributing our knowledge and know-how to ensure a top quality end product.

  • Highly complex projects


    Highly complex projects

    We like challenges and we have the productive capacity and talent to meet them. Tell us what you need and we will be able to help you.

  • Commitment to the client


    Commitment to the client

    Our client commitment requires us to have a set of shared principles and values on how to create the best product for our clients.


Our human resources have a single goal: to create the best precision metalwork product for our clients.

Industrias Balmes is made up of people trained to perform the relevant tasks.

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As part of our CSR policy, we collaborate with Netmentora Madrid, a public interest association to help create employment by helping to create companies. We belong to a network of business leaders who seek to promote economic growth by helping entrepreneurs create companies and employment.


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